If and when you spot that must-have gift for yourself, layby is a great option.

Indigos layby deposit is usually 20% with 3 months to complete the purchase, which is really do-able. We are also quite flexible and able to help you plan your payments.

Alternatively, taking the layby card home and leaving it where that special someone will see it is a great opportunity for them to get exactly what you want for that special occasion.

This saves them having to wander around unfamiliar shops getting all stressed out and boy some do get really stressed, I see them every year trying to remember what sort of things their partner likes and what they already have. Unfortunately, sometimes, they get it completely wrong which can ruin their confidence for next time.

Getting the significant other to pick up and pay off your layby can be very productive as often the partner will be so relieved that they can get you something you want that they will splash out on an extra present of their choosing as a surprise for you on the day. That’s awin- win for all.

This plan works really well for Birthdays, Xmas and anniversaries.

If Layby is not your thing you can put your selection on hold (wish list) for a couple of days and you can send that certain someone in to collect it (Same result as above)

We offer free gift wrapping for jewellery and small gifts (another job the significant other won’t have to stress about)


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